Common Sense Platform

Comprehensive business & workforce management software for greater efficiency, quality, integration & analytics.

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What we deliver

Our commitment is to provide an innovative solution through configuring CSP to your requirements, delivering savings in:


The shortest, most intuitive process to get to the desired product.


Set up rules to prevent erroneous data input and flag anomalies.


Automate the process of interacting with external systems through secure data transfer.


Complete, useful & live Business Intelligence, defined by each User and available on-demand (SaaS).

Duty Holders

Govern your statutory property compliance for any service area.

Integrate with your supply chain to track orders and receive real-time reporting, alerts and assurance. 

Asbestos Consultancies

Manage your entire business through our purpose built modules, improving quality and service while lowering overheads.

Automate your workflow, remove bottlenecks, and reduce errors with our intuitive apps. 

Licensed Asbestos Contractors

A complete system for asbestos remediation management, simplifying the process from quotation to RAMS creation.

Streamline office and site based tasks to free your managers, supervisors, and operatives from administrative tasks.

The Common Sense Platform

Built by nShare from the ground up, CSP provides the advantage of using generic components to efficiently create bespoke configurations in a robust manner. New technologies and features can simply be built onto the core platforms framework to provide individual requirements.

Why CSP?

development time and associated costs are greatly reduced.

CSP is a proven platform, thoroughly tested and in use 24/7/365 in live business-critical systems.

CSP maintains a consistent approach from design to deployment end use. Familiarity brings a friendly and productive approach to implementation.

CSP is now a mature platform but we haven’t finished yet! We’re always working on it- looking for improvements and efficiencies wherever we can.

CSP is put together with proven industry leading tools including Microsoft .NET Framework and SQL server.

CSP solutions run in the cloud – using Microsoft Azure, Amazon (AWS) or even in your own private cloud. This brings with it all the associated benefits of running your solutions and services in the cloud.

Business Intelligence
  • The most powerful reporting tools available
  • Interrogate any element of data on-demand & live
  • Measure performance and gain insight, create your own dashboards
Customer Portal
  • Reports & data provisions, job tracking
  • User roles, work requests & audit history
  • Compliance management
  • QMS audit recording
  • Audit requirements, allocation & non-conformance process
  • Training needs, renewals & approvals
Asset Management
  • Allocation & tracking of equipment & fleet
  • Service, calibration & testing records
  • Cost of replacement budgeting
Customer Relationship Management
  • Customers, Contacts & Actions
  • Bids, Contracts & Services
  • Quick Quotes & detailed Quotes
Mobile Forms
  • Data collection for every module
  • Load existing data & registers
  • Rule based input to reduce errors
  • Any device, anywhere, online & offline
  • HSG248 bulk analysis & analytical recording
  • Flag anomalies, create re-analysis & monitor points
  • Integrate with survey data
Job Management
  • Create Programmes of work or individual projects
  • Link to Contract Services, automated workflow & PoWs
  • Actions allocation & scheduling
  • Automated product generation to PDF
  • Generate specifications & tender process
  • Store categorised documents & communication
  • Work in Progress (WIP) tracking
  • Job & Programme one-click Invoicing
  • Exports to Accounts package
Human Resources
  • Employees, Contracts & Skills
  • Annual Leave Requests
  • Timesheets & Expenses

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