nSpire Crowd Design

nSpire leverages the experience of the people who know your business needs best and creates a fully custom solution, tailored to you.

How it works

nSpire is a service which ensures that CSP is configured to deliver a complete solution, tailored to automate many office and field based functions to the Customers specific processes.

nShare map these processes, identifying where and how they can be improved, then present how CSP will create value by generating the improvements. The model involves your own people across the business, gaining insight an canvassing opinion, with the advantage of obtaining a complete business case before committing to the solution.

Success stories from our clients

National Compliance Consultancy

Case Studies, nSpire

After evaluating the offerings on the market, we engaged nShare to present a CSP solution configured to our requirements. The nSpire process has engaged all within our business and taken the time to gREAD MORE

DATE: Jul 20, 2018
AUTHOR: nShare Admin

Implementation Plan


The phase provides interacts with stakeholders and provides the product breakdown structure and descriptions based on the ideas and requirements given. A prototype of the features is constructed with the relevant stakeholders to provide an insight on the product before starting the configuration.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The first release of CSP for testing and further requirements gathering. We understand that users provide a level of fine tuning once first getting their hands on a product and this is merged with testing. This phase also provides an early insight for the final users to aid with a phased implementation and adoption of the system.


Some features will deliver greater benefits than others but have dependencies on information from preceding features. We will construct and agree a delivery plan comprising several ‘Sprints’ (Phases) of work with agreed internal & external resources assigned to deliver to a beneficial timeframe.


This is an iterative stage of the process to cover implementation of each of the functional areas and continuous improvement. Several Sprints can run concurrently to deliver the benefits as early as possible and will involve some of the same stakeholders.
The constant stakeholder and user participation increases the adoption of the system, reduces downtime and transition costs, opening a channel to capture user led innovation.